Empower Your Online Gameplay with UrbanX: Seamlessly Shift to High-Speed Connectivity

Empower Your Online Gameplay with UrbanX: Seamlessly Shift to High-Speed Connectivity

When it comes to online gaming, nothing frustrates players more than slow and unreliable internet speeds. The annoyance of disrupted connections can throw you off your game and waste valuable gaming time while waiting for your internet service provider to fix things. UrbanX’s Fibre, built for gamers, is the perfect solution for all your high-speed internet needs. Get set to elevate your online adventures and make the switch to UrbanX!

Effortless Transition to UrbanX Paradise

Imagine it: zero interruptions during your intense raids, and no more frustrating connection drops. UrbanX makes these dreams a reality! Our high-speed internet service is engineered to deliver flawless performance, offering you speed as well as the support you need to dominate every gaming session. Switching to UrbanX's high-speed Internet is a breeze, thanks to our user-friendly process.

Start by going to the new Urban Island and follow the easy step-by-step instructions to get started with the transition. Simply add your address and details, and we will reach out and guide you every step of the way.

Keep an Eye Out for Upcoming Deals and Events!

This spooky season, sign up with UrbanX and take advantage of our fantastically scary deal. If you sign up to UrbanX with a friend, both of you will receive two months of free fibre.

Light Up Your Summer with Black Friday Deals

UrbanX's Black Friday deals will brighten up your holiday season, ensuring that no power outages will keep you from gaming this summer! With numerous giveaways, UrbanX clients can get their hands on UPSs, inverters, as well as Steam vouchers and tickets to the rAge expo in December.

The Anticipation is Mounting... Get Ready for UrbanX at rAge Expo with a Massive Giveaway!

Prepare yourself for an exciting nostalgic journey at the upcoming rAge Expo with UrbanX. We are gearing up to unveil an exclusive event that will leave you in awe, taking you back to the days of arcade claw machines, only in a bigger (and better) way. Make sure to visit our stand for your chance to win a variety of goodies.

What's holding you back? Upgrade to UrbanX now and experience the internet in a whole new light. Say goodbye to lag and disruptions, and hello to seamless, lightning-fast connectivity that's tailored for gamers like you.