The UrbanX Games: A Gaming Charity Event Extravaganza!

The UrbanX Games: A Gaming Charity Event Extravaganza!

Gamers, have you been keeping up with the electrifying matches and heart-pounding moments of the UrbanX Games? This one-of-a-kind gaming charity event has been taking the gaming community by storm. If you’ve missed anything we've got you covered in our week-by-week breakdown! 

UrbanX Games is a fun twitch rivals-esque tournament, featuring a variety of games. The goal is to get the community together for a good cause while just having fun. Each week’s game is kept a secret until the stream, with a mix of shooters, racing, MOBAs and sport titles. Each team is awarded points based on their placement each week. 

Five local streamers were selected to captain their own teams during the event: 

  1. ThendoPlays – TeamThendo 
  1. Mama_Succubus - TeamMama 
  1. SvG3PanDa – TeamPanda 
  1. Rustypielover - TeamRPL 
  1. bootysaladbinkz - TeamBinkz 

Week 1 - Valorant: A Riotous Start! 

Week one kicked off the event with a bang. The first game of the tournament threw teams into the intense world of Valorant. The teams battled it out for glory. When asked how she feels about the UrbanX games, team captain MamaSuccubus remarked, "It’s been pretty fun, I've enjoyed jamming different games with some lovely people. Some of the most real people I know." 

Week 1 Winners: TeamPanda  


Week 2 - Trackmania Nations: Racing to the Top! 

The second week saw a thrilling twist in game type, shifting from the intense action of shooters to wacky racing. Captains and their teams played Trackmania Nations. SVG3Panda and Binkz led their teams through pulse-pounding races and some challenging tracks. SVG3Panda commented, "It's been amazing and quite challenging. I didn't expect to have to work so hard in certain games, but we have had such a fun time at the UrbanX Games."  

Week 2 Winners: TeamPanda  


Week 3 - Overwatch 2: Heroes Unite! 

Week three brought the heroes of Overwatch 2 into the spotlight. ThendoPlays and MamaSuccubus were back in the action, but this time they had to reckon with the formidable teams led by SVG3Panda and Binkz. ThendoPlays praised his competitors: "To be honest, I wasn't expecting Binkz’s team to do so well, they really have put on a good show thus far." MamaSuccubus added, "I think Panda's team has done really well, but I must say Binkz also blew me out of the park." 

Week 3 Winners: TeamBinkz. 


Week 4 - League ARAM: The Grand Final Approaches! 

In week 4, the teams geared up for a face-off in League of Legends ARAM, and the matches were a ton of fun for everyone involved. ThendoPlays remarked, "It has been a very interesting time, played some games that I didn't think I'd ever touch. Had fun with my team who I didn't know would gel so well together." 

Week 4 Winners: TeamBinkz 


Week 5 - Rocket League: Demolishing the competition! 

The UrbanX games have had a great variety of games and skill levels with some players being completely new to games and others seasoned veterans. The Rocket League matches were some of the most action packed and competitive. The closest game was between TeamThendo and TeamMama, which went all the way to game 3 with TeamThendo just edging out the win. 

Week 5 Winners: TeamPanda. 


Week 6 - Grand Final: Falls Guys & Gang Beasts 

With the grand final approaching, the teams will all gather at Mettlestate’s state-of-the-art Forge Arena on 7 October. The games will be an all-out brawl with Gang Beasts and Fall Guys deciding the winning team of the UrbanX games, who will earn R10 000 for the charity of their choice. SVG3Panda mentioned, "You best believe it. It's one thing dominating online, but to beat people LIVE on stage should be quite a treat. It's also going to be really fun to see all the friends once again." Binkz chimed in playfully: “Yes! Because we get to just play games 😂 but also, we get to trash talk on LAN.” All jokes aside the event has given these streamers a new perspective on many of the gaming titles they’ve known about for years but maybe never gave a try. 

The teams are ready to battle it out in the exciting end to such an amazing tournament, and we’re looking forward to good sportsmanship and fun! 

Be sure to check out the stream here on 7 October. 

The UrbanX Games have not only provided hours of entertainment for gamers but have also showcased the power of the gaming community coming together for a noble cause. So, mark your calendars for October 7th and get ready for one of the biggest charity gaming events of the year. May the best team win!