UrbanX Games 2023: A Spectacular Gaming Showdown for Charity

UrbanX Games 2023:  A Spectacular Gaming Showdown for Charity

In the world of competitive gaming, the UrbanX Games stood out as a thrilling, multi-phased tournament that brought together renowned gaming influencers, the spirit of competition, and the power of giving back. Over the course of five weeks, five team captains (Binkz, Rusty Pie Lover, Mama_Succubus, ThendoPlays, and SVG3Panda_) led their teams in a series of online battles across a variety of popular games. The teams competed for the grand prize of R10 000, which was donated to the winning captain’s charity of choice.

Each captain was tasked with selecting four additional team members to round out their gaming crew. These teams then competed in a different game each week, accumulating points based on their performance. The featured games included Valorant, League of Legends, Rocket League, Trackmania Nations, and Overwatch 2. It was a test of skill, teamwork, and adaptability – and the stakes were high with a charitable cause in mind.

The culmination of this exciting gaming journey took place on the 7th of October when Mettlestate hosted the grand finale live at their Forge Arena in Sandton. All five captains, along with one of their teammates, gathered to compete in the final games: Fall Guys and Gang Beasts.

The UrbanX Games finale was broadcasted live on the Mettlestate Twitch channel, hosted by Chloe Geraghty and Canton Parker. The dynamic duo casted all the action and brought a lot of colour to the event’s unfolding before the viewers' eyes. Their engaging commentary and infectious enthusiasm added an extra layer of excitement to the event. The Forge Arena was electric. The atmosphere was filled with cheers, screams, and contagious laughter throughout the event.

The first game of the evening, Gang Beasts. TeamPanda and TeamBinkz quickly established themselves as the favourites, displaying impressive teamwork and a relentless competitive spirit. Punches and kicks were thrown as teams fought for supremacy in this quirky, physics-based brawler.

As if the gaming extravaganza wasn't exciting enough, there was an unexpected surprise in store for everyone. Our very own Vaughan Gerson (Managing Director) and Kerry-Ann Smit (Product Manager) joined the event in the Forge Arena. We announced our commitment to the South African gaming scene by sponsoring every player in the final with a year's worth of high-speed fibre.

With Gang Beasts behind them, the teams were hyped up and ready to give their all in the final game of the evening: Fall Guys, Darling Kitachu from TeamRPL took a commanding lead with an impressive four consecutive wins. TeamPanda's HolyMoses made a valiant comeback by securing a win for their team in the fifth round. Despite their best efforts, it was TeamRPL that ultimately dominated the Fall Guys event, showcasing their prowess in this zany battle royale game. The married couple attributed the success to their ‘Marriage Buff’.

In the end, no team could overcome TeamBinkz's lead, which they had built up throughout the competition. As the final bell rang, TeamBinkz was crowned the UrbanX Games 2023 Champions, securing their victory and taking home the grand prize. Their triumph not only added a prestigious title to their gaming résumé, but also earned them a well-deserved cash prize of R10 000, which will be donated to the Sunshine Association – Binkz’s nominated charity. This act of generosity will undoubtedly make a meaningful impact for the children that Sunshine Association helps.

In the world of gaming, where competition and camaraderie often go hand in hand, the UrbanX Games served as a shining example of what can be achieved when passion and purpose come together. The event not only showcased the talents of the participating influencers but also demonstrated the power of gaming to make a positive impact, both within the gaming community and in broader society.

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