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PWR Dedicated to Clover and Kettle Cable 2.8m


The OEM Power to Clover/Kettle Plug Cable allows you to save some additional space while conveniently powering multiple devices from one plug. It features a 3 prong plug that connects to your power outlet and splits to a conventional kettle plug as well as a clover plug. This is ideal for powering your desktop PC and any compatible clover prong devices such as a notebook charger at the same time. This cable is also perfect for when space is limited in the workplace or home. This cable is compatible with many devices such as power transformers, computers, monitors, scanners or printers.


  • Kettle and Clover Plug Support

  • Splits Both Power Outputs

  • Great for Saving Space

  • Widely Compatible

  • 2.8 Meters


  • Interface: 3 Prong Plug(SA), Kettle Plug, Clover Plug

  • Length: 2.8m

  • Colour: Black


  • OEM Power to Clover/Kettle Plug Cable - Black x1