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The Redragon A115 USB Type-C Coiled Keyboard Cable is a nice complement to any keyboard and a desk improvement for aesthetics. This cable is secure, elastic and readily removable for clean and easy cable management, well-crafted and designed for a long lifespan, and a stylish desk accessory. Gold-plated USB Type-C (keyboard) to Gold-plated USB-A 2.0 (PC) cable for safe charging and quick data sync without random disconnects. Compatible with Redragon keyboards and most USB Type-C keyboards, this is a great replacement for your original cable.

This custom keyboard cable's core is made of excellent 25AWG copper wire and aluminium shielding foil, supporting high power consumption. This keyboard cord's PET paracord +braided Nylon mesh tube double-sleeve is anti-abrasion, fraying, and tearing and adds great texture to your gaming keyboard cable. This USB Type-C mechanical keyboard cable's robust, 16GX 4-Pin metal aviation connector joins the coiled and straight sections for a quick, simple disconnect, allowing you to swap keyboards, attach different cables to your keyboard, or connect other accessories to your PC without having to plug them in and out.


  • Coiled keyboard cable enhanced with double-sleeved, high-quality copper wire

  • Metal Aviation connector for quick attachment

  • Reversed Coil, prevents damage and overstretching

  • Gold-plated USB2.0 cable

  • Compatible with Redragon keyboards and most USB Type-C keyboards


  • Model: A115

  • Terminals: 2.0 Gold-Plated Male

  • Interface: USB Type-A to USB Type-C

  • Outer Skin: Braided

  • Hardware: Gold plated + zinc alloy

  • Colour: White

  • Length: 13.4 cm


  • Redragon A115 USB Type-C Coiled Keyboard Cable – White x1