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REDRAGON NEMEANLION 2 7200DPI Gaming Mouse - Black


Take strides ahead of the pack with the Nemeanlion Gaming Mouse. The mouse features 7200 DPI sensitivity, smooth Teflon footpads, and six programmable buttons - topped off with beautiful RGB backlighting.


  • Soft Rubber Skin surface coating

  • Long braided cord of 1.8 m absolutely endures 10 000 flexes and the continuous load of 10 k

  • Gold-plated surface ensures a better connection, with long-lasting quality

  • Specially invented Teflon formula ensures excellent gliding. Thanks to enlarged feet surface, balanced feet height and optimal place the mouse moves strictly horizontally 2 customizable thumb buttons allow to adjust mouse for its user's needs

  • 2 extra buttons on the top side

  • High precision optical sensor

  • Cursor speed can be adjusted on any mouse key. 4 DPI levels are supported and each level can be customized accurately to your needs

  • The different colour backlight of extra buttons on top allows identifying active DPI level with ease