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Enjoy a host of added value, including free installation, free activation, and a free router*. We are ensuring YOU get the most bang for your buck when joining UrbanX.

*Applicable to selected networks


UrbanX gives you the freedom of choice with month-to-month* internet service. Subscribe on a flexible basis, adjusting your plan as needed.

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The Network Centre displays live pings from the core of the UrbanX network to your favourite games, ensuring the best performance and stability. Utilise the Network Status tool to view network maintenance & outages.



UrbanX is one of South Africa's first dedicated gaming ISPs, offering lightning-fast and stable fibre connections for a superior online experience. At UrbanX, we understand that every millisecond counts and can be the difference between a W and an L. That's why we've peered directly with some of the most popular game titles, to ensure you get the best ping and lowest latency possible. Our network has been expertly architected, using a strategic combination of undersea and terrestrial cables to provide high resilience ensuring your game play is always consistently great. Our flexible month-to-month packages and 24-hour support keep you up and running when it matters most. With us, all you need to do is focus on the game - UrbanX will do the rest.


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Our network center is your go-to for real-time network monitoring. Use the Live Status Tool to track outages, the Live Ping Tool to monitor pings to major game servers, and the Looking Glass Tool to check pings from UrbanX to any IP. Ensure optimal network performance with UrbanX's Network Centre.

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Experience ExitLag, a technology that optimises data routing to game publishers not peered with UrbanX. Enjoy reduced lag and smoother gameplay as ExitLag dynamically selects the best paths for minimal latency and enhanced performance.


UrbanX will soon release a gaming server hosting service, offering fast, reliable, and secure servers optimised for the best gaming experience. Get ready to elevate your gaming with UrbanX's top-tier hosting solutions.

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