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UrbanX leverages WIOCC

UrbanX leverages WIOCC

30 May 2024 | By UrbanX

In today’s fast-paced digital world, milliseconds matter. At UrbanX, we understand that a seamless online experience is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. As one of South Africa’s first gaming ISPs we are committed to providing fast, steady fibre connections that keep our users ahead of the competition. By leveraging the cutting-edge 2Africa cable system and partnering with industry leaders like FirstNet and WIOCC, we deliver unprecedented connectivity and unmatched value to our users.

What is UrbanX?

Are you a young professional, a tech enthusiast, or a hardcore gamer? UrbanX is dedicated to ensuring you have the best online experience. UrbanX isn’t just another internet provider. We are a community of like-minded people. We believe in the power of connectivity. Our mission is to deliver an unparalleled online experience through lightning-fast, low-latency fibre connections specifically designed to meet the needs of gamers and tech enthusiasts. We offer flexible, month-to-month fibre packages that provide the freedom to upgrade or down without hassle, ensuring our users always have the best options available.

We know that in the gaming world, every millisecond counts. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously enhance our network performance, enabling seamless collaboration, content sharing, and uninterrupted access to cloud-based platforms and business applications. By focusing on what matters most to our users, we aim to redefine the standards of internet service provision in South Africa.

The Power of the 2Africa Cable System

The 2Africa cable system represents a monumental leap forward in connectivity. Spanning over 45,000 km and connecting 33 countries across Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, and India, this subsea cable project is designed to meet the escalating demands of the digital age. With its advanced design and strategic routing, the 2Africa cable promises enhanced resilience, ultra-low latency, and unparalleled bandwidth.

For UrbanX, the 2Africa cable is a game-changer. It provides the robust infrastructure needed to support our high-speed, stable fibre connections, ensuring our users enjoy faster speeds and greater reliability. This innovative cable system allows us to move away from traditional terrestrial links, mitigating issues such as vandalism, fibre cuts, and power losses. The result is a more reliable and resilient network that can handle the growing demands of our tech-savvy users.

Collaboration with FirstNet and WIOCC

Our partnership with FirstNet and WIOCC is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-tier connectivity. FirstNet, a leading provider of cloud, connectivity, voice, and security solutions in South Africa, is the first client to connect to the 2Africa cable between Durban and Cape Town. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in enhancing South African connectivity and redefining the landscape of internet service provision.

By leveraging FirstNet’s core network infrastructure, UrbanX can offer superior online experiences to our users. This collaboration ensures that our network performance remains robust, resilient, and capable of supporting the demands of modern internet usage. Whether it’s for business applications, content streaming, or cloud-based platforms, our partnership with FirstNet and WIOCC empowers us to deliver an unparalleled online experience.

Benefits for Gamers and Tech Enthusiasts

At UrbanX, we understand the unique needs of gamers and tech enthusiasts. Low latency, stable connections, and ample bandwidth are not just desirable—they are essential. That’s why we prioritize routing, establish direct peering agreements with major gaming studios, and are the first African reseller of ExitLag. These efforts ensure that our users experience minimal lag, maximum responsiveness, and an overall enhanced gaming experience.

For gamers, every second can mean the difference between victory and defeat. UrbanX provides the competitive edge needed to excel in the gaming world. Our strategic peering agreements and partnerships enable us to deliver the best pings possible, giving our users the advantage they need to perform at their best. Whether it’s for competitive gaming or immersive entertainment, UrbanX is committed to providing the optimal online experience.

Future Plans and Commitment to Innovation

Looking ahead, UrbanX remains dedicated to driving digital transformation and innovation. We are continuously expanding our partnerships, networks, and collaborations to ensure we meet the growing demands of our users. Our focus is on delivering reliable and innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible in internet service provision.

We are laying the foundation for a future where connectivity knows no bounds, enriching lives, and businesses alike. With UrbanX, you can expect nothing less than the best in online experiences, today and tomorrow.